Un futuro per nuovi piloti con Austrian

Red-White-Red Reinforcements from Wiener Neustadt for the Flight Training School

·         Training fleet of the European Flight Academy will be supplied in the future by the company Diamond Aircraft headquartered in Wiener Neustadt

·         Young pilots at Austrian Airlines will already be able to train in red-white-red in the future

·         73 future pilots are still being sought in 2018


The European Flight Academy (EFA), the flight training school of Lufthansa Group, will benefit from reinforcements sent to the German airport of Rostock-Laage. This involves a DA42 training aircraft with a tail fin in the red-white-red colors of the Austrian flag. The aircraft is the latest version of a two-engine, four seat Diamond 42-VI. This model is recognized to be one of the most advanced training aircraft in instructing pilots to operate multiple engine airplanes. It is already the fourth consecutive aircraft of this kind to be deployed by this flight training school.


A further test flight took place this week at the company headquarters of Diamond Aircraft in Wiener Neustadt. The plane will be transferred to Rostock-Laage Airport in the middle of March 2018. Representatives of Diamond, Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) and Austrian Airlines were on site within the context of a flying visit to Vienna Airport and inspected the brand-new aircraft.


Since the launch of the new flight training school last year, Austrian Airlines has already sent 117 pilots to EFA for their basic training. The theoretical part of their training usually begins in Bremen, Germany. At the end of the training period lasting about 21 months, they will receive the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) or Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL). Subsequently the graduates will acquire a licence for the type of aircraft in which they will begin their flying career at Austrian Airlines. In this case the young pilots will be trained to operate either a Bombardier Dash 8-400, Embraer 195 or Airbus A320 aircraft.


At the end of January 2018 an “ab initio” course was successfully started for 23 future Austrian Airlines pilots. In the meantime, the airline is looking to hire another 73 young pilots in 2018 to undergo this training. Previous flight experience is not required. Moreover, roughly 100 additional positions are available for fully qualified pilots i.e. so-called “ready entries”. On balance, the airline is looking to hire a total of 196 pilots in 2018. Prospective candidates can find further information at www.austrianpilot.at.


The image sent with this text shows a DA42-VI (front), a Cessna CitationJet (middle) and a fully deployable Airbus A320 (back).




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