Entra in flotta Austrian l’ultimo dei 17 EMB195


Austrian Airlines Embraer Flotte, Schwechat 02.08.2017 Foto: Michèle Pauty

Embraer fleet complete – #17 OE-LWN took off on maiden flight · video: https://youtu.be/R9VMqKTTn-M

· Embraer fleet replaces Fokker aircraft – currently four Fokker 100 still in operation

· 600 flight attendants, 200 pilots and 80 technicians trained on Embraer Jets

On the weekend, the seventeenth Embraer Jet bearing the registration number OE-LWN took off on its initial flight OS 683 from Vienna to Zagreb. Thus, the Embraer fleet is complete, which is gradually replacing the Fokker aircraft. Currently, four Fokker 100 are still in operation, which are successively put out of operation until December 2017.

Since the first Embraer flight in January 2016, Austrian Airlines has already transported over two million passengers with this aircraft type to their destination. The list price of the Embraer fleet is around 900 million US dollars. About 600 flight attendants, 200 pilots and 80 technicians were trained on this aircraft type. The Embraer fleet is deployed to more than 70 European destinations within the Austrian Airlines network.

The Embraer jets consume about 18 percent less fuel per aircraft seat than the Fokker, and are thus much more environmentally friendly. The fleet renewal program also enhances travel comfort: the cabin, which has a 2-2 seat configuration, is particularly spacious thanks to its ergonomic design and therefore offers passengers a feeling of enjoying more space. The Embraer jets have an average age of four years and have a seating capacity for 120 passengers.



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