SAS apre 5 nuove destinazioni stagionali e 27 nuove rotte

SAS seasonal summer 2018 routes – 5 new destinations and 27 new non-stop routes from Scandinavia

October 26, 2017

SAS continues to expand its offer to and from Scandinavia and launches 27 new non-stop routes to be served from several of its hubs. The seasonal summer 2018 routes also includes five new destinations on SAS´s route map; #Verona, #Sarajevo, #Genoa, #Toulon and #Beirut. In addition to this, #SAS is giving its customers more access to popular destinations with expanded summer service to Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Italy. And as a response to the increased interest in leisure travel, expanded non-stop flights from several of its hubs to popular summer destinations. Flights will be available for booking starting now for travel starting March 24, 2018.

SAS seasonal summer 2018 routes offer 114 destinations from Denmark, Norway and Sweden and 1,3 million additional seats (compared to 2017) for the Scandinavian travelers.

“We continue to strengthen our offer for leisure travel during the summer period. In addition to a number of exciting news, we also increase presence on our most popular destinations. We strengthen our on-board concept with a new cabin and new food and drink concept. We continue to develop sustainable travel, including investments on biofuel and 30 new flights with up to 18 percent lower fuel consumption and emissions. We look forward to wishing our travelers a warm welcome on on board,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS Group.

SAS seasonal summer 2018 routes from #Sweden

#Arlanda Airport offers non-top flights to Verona, #Gazipasa, #Birmingham. Expanded departures to #Palma, #Lisbon, #Malaga and #Rome.

SAS seasonal summer 2018 routes from #Norway

#Oslo offers non-stop flights to #Thessaloniki, #Prague, #Genève, #Warsaw and #Aarhus. Additional flights will be offered to popular destinations as #Athens, #Düsseldorf and #Manchester.

Non-stop flights are also offered from hubs including #Bergen-#Pula, #Stavanger-Pula, #Bodø-#Alicante and #Trondheim-#Split.

SAS seasonal summer 2018 routes from #Denmark

Copenhagen Airport offers non-stop flights to Beirut, Toulon, #Sarajevo, #Lisbon and Genoa. Gazipaza in Turkey is destination that has made a comeback in this year’s summer program. In addition to this, more frequent flights to #Zurich in Switzerland, Rome, Italy and Aarhus.

Aarhus Airport offers new non-stop flights to Oslo, Stockholm,# Munich, #Majorca and Split.



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