Topjets Worldwide sceglie OASES


TopJets Worldwide, la nuova compagnia aerea italiana a lungo raggio che presto volera´ da Brescia oltre ai passi formali per l´ottenimento dell´AOC ha stipulato un contratto con OASES per la gestione delle sue attivita´ operative grazie ai software che la societa´ fornisce nel settore della manutenzione e la gestione operativa.

A seguito il comunicato stampa.


New Italian scheduled airline, Topjets Worldwide, has chosen OASES, the industry-leading MRO IT system from Commsoft, to support its planned operations. Currently in the process of submitting its CAME for approval by the airworthiness authorities, Topjets Worldwide has recently acquired an ex-Etihad Airbus A340-642 for use on long haul flights from Northern Italy to India and other destinations.

Offering an industry-leading technical sophistication whilst still being intuitively user-friendly, OASES is structured in a modular format to allow for maximum flexibility and scalability. Topjets Worldwide has opted for the Core, Airworthiness, Materials and Planning modules with an option to access the Line Maintenance Control module at a later date.

All the modules will be implemented in Commsoft’s Private Cloud service, removing the need for the airline to invest in any additional hardware.

Nick Godwin, Commsoft’s Managing Director, commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Topjets Worldwide to the OASES family which continues to grow in numbers and geographical spread. This is the sixth new OASES contract that we’ve signed this year and Topjets Worldwide have become our fourth Italian customer. Initial implementation meetings with the airline’s team will start shortly with a view to the system going live in the autumn.”

OASES is currently being used to support more than 130 aviation operations in over 55 different countries, including national and regional carriers, business aviation and charter operators, cargo specialists



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