Austrian Airlines ristruttura il team della comunicazione



Austrian Airlines has reorganized its communications activities. Effective immediately, the Austrian flag carrier no longer operates along the lines of “internal” and “external” communications but according to “content” and “distribution”.  Peter N. Thier, Head of Corporate Communications and Company Spokesman, explains the realignment of communications as follows: “Internal and external target groups are becoming increasingly intertwined. For this reason, strategic topic planning is gaining in importance, and the choice of the optimal communications instrument is becoming a success factor.” The newsroom concept will continue to be the focal point of the new organization.


Staff changes have also taken place within the context of the reorganization. Barbara Greul will head the “Communications Strategy & Content Production” Department. Tanja Gruber will be responsible in the future for the “Communications Distribution & Media Relations” Department and will also be in charge of the Press Office. Peter N. Thier will remain Head of Corporate Communications and Company Spokesman. Patricia Strampfer decided to leave the company as at the end of June. Sandra Bijelic will continue to serve as the Press Spokeswoman. She will be supported by Leonhard Steinmann, who left S IMMO AG to join Austria’s national carrier at the beginning of the year. In addition to his work as Press Spokesman, he will also be responsible for Austrian Airline’s official Twitter channel. Vanessa Schmidt remains the primary point of contact for media inquiries. Silvia Dopler will be responsible for the News App and the Intranet in the Distribution Team.


Starting in September, Markus Setznagel will strengthen the Content Team, moving from his position at OMV to Austrian Airlines. He will be in charge of the Moving Images area and develop new formats for the Austria’s red-white-red flag carrier. Ursula Berger will modernize editorial processes in the Austrian Airlines Newsroom and adapt them in accordance with Lufthansa Group standards. Dagmar Wessendorf will continue to coordinate communications for “Operations”, whereas Sabine Arnhold will remain in charge of events and social sponsoring. 




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