Topjets Worldwide : chi e´ il management

Our Team:

Rossano De Luca

Mr De Luca has over 3 decades in the travel industry particularly as a result focussed Aviation Professional.

Extensive international experience occupying the most senior positions have included a number of start-ups

or developing fledging airlines. Experience extends covering all facets with a focus on team building

C Da Cunha – Commercial Director

Mr Da Cunha has extensive experience in the Aviation and Tour Operations fields, heads the Commercial Operations. Has held senior positions in Sales and marketing and been involved as a consultant in a number of Start-up companies advising on all commercial strategies as well as Technology and Operations

V Perotti – CAMO / Technical Director

Mr Perotti has more than three decades experience in the aviation field, from manufacturing, to  flight tests and to technical management  , with more than twenty years as Technical Director in different cargo and  passenger airlines.

H Rehmann – Director

Mr Rehmann experience covers the property development in Dubai UAE and running a family chain of restaurant in Germany. As a Hotel and restaurant specialist has been a consultant to many catering business in a number of countries.

Riccardo Vergerio

Mr Vergerio has more than two decades of international experience in the aviation industry focusing on Airline and Airport Operations; is a specialist in start-ups, dealing with several organization and logistic aspects. Also he is our “beacon” in navigating through the myriad of bureaucracy issues that invariably crop up in this start up process.

Dario Catalisano

Mr Catalisano started in 1983 in Italian Airforce, in civilian Aviation in 1995, until now he has more than 27.000 flight hours, mostly flew in Airbus Fleet. He is Instructor and Senior EASA Examiner on Airbus with a qualification as “Test Flight after Heavy Maintenance”. As Safety Manager, he is accident/incident investigator. He has dedicated his university studies to the field of Human Factor Performance by making several scientific publications.


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