Austrian Airlines aumenta i salari del 3%


·        Collective wage negotiations concluded for commercial technical employees 

·        Agreement reached on salary increase for about 3,000 employees at Austrian


Shortly before Christmas, the Trade Union of Private Employees, Printing, Journalism, Paper (GPA-djp), Works Council, management of Austrian Airlines and the chamber of commerce reached an agreement in the current round of collective wage negotiations. According to the collective wage agreement, the approx. 3,000 commercial technical employees will receive a salary increase of 3.0 percent in 2019 pertaining to salary scales and current salaries as well as apprenticeship remuneration. 


Alf Junghans, Chairman of the Works Council Ground Staff at Austrian Airlines commented: “We are in good company if one looks at other collective wage agreements. Due to the increasingly tough conditions, it was important for us to have a salary increase of at least three percent.”


“The negotiations were tough, in light of the fact that the prevailing economic environment is becoming more difficult again”, says Nathalie Rau, Head of Human Resources at Austrian Airlines. “All things considered, I am pleased with the agreement which was reached. Our employees showed a high level of commitment in 2018. It is precisely this dedication which sets up apart from the competition.”


Austrian Airlines employs a total of 7,100 people. The approx. 3,800 cockpit and cabin crew employees are not included in this agreement, because collective wage negotiations are carried out separately for the flight crew. An agreement for the flight crew was just successfully reached in August 2018 and applies for a period of four years.  


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