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Monthly Roundup: March 2018
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A Profile of the American
Family Traveler
In the tourism industry, numbers and data prove invaluable. The data – numbers of visitors, types of visitors, spending patterns and more – collected throughout the industry is the evidence we have of the impact of our work and the means by which we target our product development and marketing dollars.
AIANTA is doing all that we can to address the needs of our members and partners in data collection. That’s why we’ve continually partnered and worked closely with the U.S. Department of Commerce National Travel and Tourism Office, and have recently collaborated with Longwoods International – to provide you with the information you need to find the most success in your tourism business.
Knowing the importance of domestic travelers and family travel to Indian Country, we’re sharing a new report compiled by Longwoods International and the Family Travel Association, in which the two organizations completed a comprehensive study of the domestic family travel market and created a “Profile of the American Family Traveler.”
AIANTA Educates German High School Students on Native
American Cultures
On March 6, 2018, after their time at Showcase USA-Italy and prior to their participation in ITB Berlin, AIANTA and a representative from Chickasaw Nation took to a local Berlin high school to share the diverse cultures and history of Native America with international students.
Each year, AIANTA participates in the “Meet US program” in Berlin,
Germany. The program is designed to bring Americans – U.S. citizens from all backgrounds of life, as well as the U.S. Embassy/Consulate staff – together with secondary school students in Germany to engage them in a dialogue about everyday life in the United States.
With a wide range of artwork on hand at the high school from regions and tribes from all over the U.S. including pottery from Navajo Nation, a Tully duck from Nevada, an Eskimo yoyo from Alaska, birch bark work from Wisconsin and more; the students in Berlin received a broad overview of the varied and unique native cultures spanning the U.S.
AIANTA Highlights Native America at ITB Berlin 2018
AIANTA and our tribal partners have returned from another successful year at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel tradeshow.
Each year, AIANTA attends this tradeshow – one of the largest in the world – along with a delegation of tribes and native-owned businesses with successful tourism programs. ITB Berlin provides an ideal platform to learn from and build an understanding of the industry’s interests and needs.
This year, AIANTA’s physical footprint at ITB Berlin was slightly scaled b
ack in the interest of expending funds in the most efficient and effective ways. And while our booth’s square footage was a bit smaller in 2018, our presence and the quality of our appointments proved to remain as high as ever.
In addition to the AIANTA delegation, which included AIANTA Executive Director Camille Ferguson and AIANTA PR and Media Specialist Rachel Cromer Howard, the AIANTA pavilion featured three co-exhibitors: Chickasaw Country, Tulalip Resort and Casino and Monument Valley Simpson’s Trailhandler Tours.

Read the full story here 

Showcase USA-Italy 2018: Another Successful Year
Earlier this month AIANTA attended Showcase USA-Italy for the fourth consecutive year, establishing new leads and contacts in the market and growing and nurturing existing relationships with the Italian Tourism trade.
From March 3-5, 2018, AIANTA Executive
 Director Camille Ferguson and AIANTA PR & Media Specialist Rachel Cromer Howard met with more than 70 individual Italian tour operators, travel agents and travel media at Showcase USA-Italy in Venice, Italy. AIANTA’s return to the Italian market helped to strengthen relationships and connections made in previous years. During their meetings, AIANTA also showcased and all of the Native destinations and experiences listed on the site, as well as the American Indians and Route 66 guidebook and website.
Welcome New Members

We encourage you to take a moment and read a little about each of our new AIANTA members.
If you’re interested in becoming a member or would like to learn more about membership, contact Gail Chehak at 505-243-3633 or


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