Turkish Airlines conducted its last flight from Atatürk Airport,the transfer hub and home of its growth for the last 86 years

The flag carrier airline conducted its last passenger flight from Atatürk Airport with its scheduled Singapore flight on 02:00 today. Atatürk Airport, the longtime transfer hub was the immediate witness of Turkish Airline’s consistent local and global growth since its founding.

The farewell flight that concluded the successful adventure of the global carrier on Atatürk Airport was met with great interest of the passengers. The flag carrier’s TK54 Istanbul – Singapore flight, operated with TC-JJY tail coded aircraft with 319 passengers and 18 cabin crew, has already become a memorable milestone in the history of Turkish Airlines.

Sharing his views about this last flight from the Atatürk Airport, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, M. İlker Aycı said; “As we bid farewell to the place that has been our home for the last 86 years, we send off our passengers on our Singapore flight from this special facility for the last time. They say that some places gain a voice of their own over time. This is exactly what we feel as we stand in Atatürk Airport today. As we experience these moments full of emotion, our singular comfort is that we will host our passengers in a state of the art facility from now and with that opportunity we will experience the unstoppable rise of our brand.”

Besides that, Turkish Airlines passed almost 24 hour mark of its moving process. Turkish Airlines’ move to its new home Istanbul Airport which is the biggest airport project of the world, will continue in the following hours. Unique in the global aviation history, the moving operation will take 45 hours in total and it will be concluded on April 6 Saturday night at 23:59.

Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Airport are closed between 02:00 and 14:00 following the Turkish Airlines’ scheduled TK54 Istanbul – Singapore flight from Atatürk Airport which is the last passenger flight from this old home.

Operations with the “Great Move” will begin with the Ankara flight of the national flag carrier, which will depart from Istanbul Airport on April 6 at 14:00. Following that, the flights from Istanbul Airport will be increased in stages according to a set plan.



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